No need for a lengthy introduction. Raging oldschool death-metal from sweden. Welcome Vomitory!


Swedish Tsars are re-confirmed for Vienna Metal Meeting!


Darvaza are re-confirmed for Vienna Metal Meeting 2021 as well!

Fuoco Fatuo

Please welcome Fuoco Fatuo. Crushing Funeral-Doom hailing from Italy!

Parental Advisory

Welcome back to our 2022 line-up again.We support our local troops!

Blind Bird out, Early Bird In + First band announcement

Asphyx still is the most important death/doom – export from the Netherlands that is still active until today. We are truly happy that Asphyx are re-confirmed for Vienna Metal Meeting next year!

Their current record “Necroceros” was able to achieve rather surreal chart positions (e.g. Nr. 18 in austrias, Nr.3 in german long player charts) !

Please welcome Death-Doom Division Brandenburg!

The first confirmation also means that the Blind-Bird tickets have run out and the regular Early-Bird Tickets are on sale now (€ 75 + ticketing fees) !